• Base Spells

    Magic Overview

    Magic is available only to a select few in the world of Elemental.

    There are 6 paths of magic: Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Life and Death.

    A character can access magic if they are a Channeler or if they have been imbued by a Channeler.

    Each path has 5 levels of mastery that characters can learn as they level up through in-game experience. These levels range from Apprentice to Master.

    • Apprentice - Access to level I spells
    • Disciple - Access to level II spells
    • Mage - Access to level III spells
    • Expert - Access to level IV spells
    • Master - Access to level V spells


    Champions are similar to sovereigns in that they can have proficiency in the various types of magic. Unlike sovereigns, they are initially unable to cast spells. Before they can cast spells a sovereign has to cast Imbue Champion on them.

    In the world of Elemental magic has been trapped in shards. There are only a few, called channelers, able to draw upon that magic. All of the games sovereigns are channelers. Although the champions of the world may have an aptitude for different types of magic, they cannot cast spells until a channeler has imbued them and allowed that champion to access the world’s magic.

    Just like sovereigns, champions can increase their proficiency with different types of magic as they level. Champions can learn different magic types than your sovereign.

    Global Mana

    Though you may have multiple casters in your empire, there is only one store of mana that they all use to power their spells. The decision to use your mana to enchant your champions, attack your enemies, move around the world or guard your cities is a critical one to surviving in the world of Elemental.

    Your sovereign provides a small amount of mana each turn. But there is more to be found by building shrines on the world’s mana shards. Spells with maintenance costs like enchantments, city enchantments and summons will detract from your mana each turn.

    Click on the mana symbol in the main screen to get a breakdown on where your mana is going, or to dispel enchantments you no longer need.


    Shards are important because they add to the amount of mana a player earns each turn, they also improve the effect of many of the spells in the game. For example, “fireball for 6 damage (+3 per fire shard)”, means it does 6 damage for a player who doesn’t control any fire shards, 9 damage for a player that controls 1 fire shard and 15 damage for a player that controls 3 fire shards.

    The world is initially populated with Life shards, but if these fall into Empire territory, then they are automatically converted to Death shards. Taking these shards from your enemies both weakens their spells, and strengthens your own.

    The frequency of shards in the world is controlled via a setting in the world options. Having more shards in the world means that players will be receiving more mana and that spells will be more powerful.

    Life and Death magic

    Although all players can access Air, Earth, Fire and Water spells (if they have units with the appropriate proficiency), Life spells can only be used by Kingdom allegiance players. Conversely Death spells can only be used by Empire allegiance players.

    Spell Types


    Strategic spells can only be cast from the world map (not while in tactical combat). In general, these spells only require that the player has a single unit who can cast the spell, to be able to cast the spell anywhere. If the player has a unit that can cast Tornado (the sovereign or an imbued champion), that player can cast Tornado anywhere.


    Tactical spells can only be cast in tactical combat. Unless otherwise specified, the duration lasts only for that battle. If a unit is Hasted in tactical combat, it only gains that bonus for that battle.


    Universal spells can be cast either in tactical combat or from the world map. Some spells have slightly different effects depending on if they are cast in tactical combat or on the world map. For example, if an Earth Elemental is summoned in tactical combat it only lasts for that battle. If an Earth Elemental is summoned on the world map then it stays with that army, but has a mana maintenance cost that must be paid each turn.


    Enchantment spells are cast on units and can be used to make your units more powerful or protect them. Most have a mana maintenance cost.

    City Enchantment

    City enchantments affect cities, similarly to how enchantments affect units. They can boost the research for that city, help defend it, or provide a variety of other benefits. Most have a maintenance cost.


    Some spells damage is multiplied by the amount of members of the victims group. If a spell like this does 3 damage it would do 3 damage to a unit with only one member in the unit (like a champion), 9 damage to a unit with 3 members (like a unit of peasants) or 36 damage against a unit with 15 members (like a company of defenders).