Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes

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The new stand-alone expansion to the fantasy-strategy game Fallen Enchantress.

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    Battlegrounds DLC

    No matter how many hours of Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes you've played, the Battlegrounds DLC will present you with new frontiers to conquer. Fifteen new tactical battle maps and brand-new variety for the random map generator await!

    Fifteen hand-crafted tactical battle maps, from a ruined Imperial highway to a forgotten fortress deep in the desert sands, are full of new challenges for your armies. You'll need new tactics for starting out surrounding or encircled by your enemies, or faced with the need to defend or assault tight chokepoints.

    The Battlegrounds DLC pack also enhances replayability with the inclusion of 20+ stamps that give the random map generator new tools to create limitless variety. The worlds waiting for you to make your mark upon them have never been so diverse.

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    Leader Pack DLC

    Expand your game with this downloadable content pack for Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes. The Leader Pack DLC expands the options players have for the most legendary hero of them all: you yourself, the leader of your people.

    The Leader Pack adds an all-new sovereign to each of the game’s 10 factions, each of which provide fresh gameplay experiences with new abilities and items. Prove might makes right with the hardy but magically impaired General Tarth, bring death magic to the kingdoms of men with Sanjo of Gilden, or absolve Lord Relias’ mistakes by leading Altar to glory as Shirayn.

    Players can also customize their own sovereigns with additional traits and equipment. Treasure Hunters have supernaturally good luck at finding loot, leaders with Lifeblood heal their own wounds with every spell cast, and anyone wielding powerful Ruvennan Bracers is destined for glory on the battlefield with their dramatically boosted combat capabilities.

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    The Dead World DLC

    The Dead World DLC for Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes is now available! Design your own undead army or lead the Empire of the Dead to dominion over the living in the latest DLC for Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes.

    The ancient sorceror now known as Morrigan the Risen returns to leave another black stain on history as he leads the Empire of the Dead in his skeletal form. All-new mechanics change the way undead empires form and grow; they grow their population by spreading cemetaries and mausoleums rather than farming food like lesser races. Undead channelers enjoy all-new spells, scourging the living with their spectral powers.

    Fearsome monsters await in the Dead World. Undead varieties of the already-terrifying half-spider Brood and the never-before-seen hell knights challenge adventurers and armies alike. A new hand-crafted map holds carefully placed secrets to discover.

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    Loot Pack DLC

    New treasure is available to be found in this third DLC pack for Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes. Explore abandoned graveyards and you may find a Cursed Bell which can be rung at desperate moments in battle. Treasure chests may contain a Staff of the Serpent or a piece of Blood God armor. Design your custom sovereign with a Revenging Ring, Bunny Slippers and other new items.

    The Loot Pack adds 33 new items, click here to see the full list


    • Skath Longbow - Enchanted with the power of a Skath, it enables the Deadly Bite ability.
    • Stag Longbow - Enchanted with the speed of the stag, allowing the wielder to fire early and often.
    • Gold Shortbow - A nobleman’s bow which grants additional experience to its wielder.
    • Harridan Shortbow - This shortbow webs victims that are shot by it.
    • Staff of the Serpent - This petrified form of a serpent shoots poison and can summon a Naja in battle.
    • Staff of the Stag - A blessed staff with low attack but it can heal surrounding allies.
    • Shadowbolt Staff - Magical staff that fires shadowbolts that damage and reduce the spell resistance of the target.
    • Giant Lollipop - A massive lollipop with the Bash and Sugar Rush special abilities.
    • Vorpal Blade - A longsword that crits with every attack.
    • Possessed Axe - Cursed axe that strikes a random ally or enemy in range.
    • Breathstealer - Dagger that silences anyone who is hit for 3 actions.
    • Enzo's Knife - Dagger with maul that lowers its victim’s defense on each hit.

    Armor and Rings

    • Bunny Slippers - Though they don’t provide any defense, but they do grant +10 Dodge and +20 Dodge when defending. Plus they are really comfy.
    • Silver Helm - This plate helm makes the wearer Immune to Swarm.
    • Lucky Dice - Accessory that grants +5 accuracy, dodge and spell resistance.
    • Lady Umber's Boots - Armored boot that grants +25 Defense when defending.
    • Lady Umber's Cuirass - Plate cuirass that makes the wearer 30% immune to physical damage.
    • Lady Umber's Greaves - Armored greaves that make the wearer 20% immune to physical damage.
    • Lady Umber's Vambraces - Bladed gauntlets that double the damage done with critical hits.
    • Blood God Helmet - Negates all damage to the wearer from Blood God armor.
    • Blood God Cuirass - Cursed breastplate that enables the Anguish ability that does 8 damage to all surrounding units (allies and enemies) and half that to the wearer.
    • Blood God Greaves - Cursed greaves that do 2 damage to anyone striking the wearer and 1 damage to the wearer.
    • Blood God Vambraces - Cursed vambraces that do 2 damage each time the wearer strikes an enemy and 1 damage to the wearer.
    • Blood God Boots - Cursed boots that double all damage (to the wearer and enemies) done by Blood God armor.
    • Revenging Ring - Each time the wearer is struck the ring gains a charge. Release those charges to damage an opponent equal to the amount of stored charges.
    • Bishop’s Ring - Each time the wearer is struck the ring gets a charge. Release those charges to heal the user equal to the amount of stored charges.


    • Dragon Teeth - Throw these teeth onto the ground to summon 3 skeletons in battle.
    • Cursed Bell - When rung all units (allies and enemies) must resist or lose their next action.
    • Scroll of Battle Cry - Using the scroll allows all of your allies to take an additional action in battle.
    • Quicksilver Potion - Potion that gives the imbiber 3 actions.
    • Bottled Wind - Uncorking this potion knocks the wielder and all adjacent units prone.
    • Scroll of Imprison - Use the scroll to trap a unit in battle for 5 actions, and they take damage on each action.
    • Scroll of Silence - Use the scroll to keep a unit from being able to cast for 3 turns.
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    Quest Pack DLC

    Cults have arisen around the worship of strange gods. Will you embrace these new religions and build wonders to them in your cities, or purge them from your lands?

    Will you hunt down rumors of dark clad warriors, when those that ignore their orders end up dead? Will you join a cult drinking and celebrating as they burn ancient libraries to the ground, or save the books and burn the cultists instead?

    As this happens new, unique, creatures have appeared in Elemental. The demon Cnotta, who has long been restrained beneath Umber's Adytum Orphanage, has been freed. A diminutive alchemist's attempt to permanently increase his size only affected his skeleton, a tragedy a necromancer has taken advantage of to create a colossal skeleton.

    Many more surprises await in the Quest Pack including new improvements, weapons, armor, items, monsters and of course new events that make every game different.

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    Map Pack DLC

    This map pack adds new stamps to the game, adding more variety to the randomly generated maps. It also includes 5 NEW MAPS designed by Stardock.

    They introduce new challenges, dangerous threats and worlds to explore.

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Also check out the Elemental novel by Brad Wardell!

System Requirements


Windows XP SP2 / Windows Vista / 7 / 8, 2.2 GHZ Dual Core or better processor, 2 GB Available System Memory, 512 MB DirectX 9.0c Compliant 3D Video Card (GeForce 6800 / Radeon X1600 or Better), DirectX Compatible Sound Card, DirectX 9.0c, Internet connection required for activation and to play

* The free Steam client is required to install Fallen Enchantress.

** The free Steam application is required to install and play Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes.