Once, Legend Says...

The world of Elemental was filled with magic. All peoples made use of this sorcery; with it, they built great kingdoms – Malaya in the south, Hallas in the west, fabled Al-Ashteroth in the East – raised splendid palaces, magnificent civilizations.

Then came the Titans, immortal beings who sought control of Elemental, and the magic contained within it. They waged war amongst themselves, and in the process turned men into their vassals - and worse. Seeking control of the world’s enchantment, in the end, they all but destroyed it. At the last of the great battles they waged, the land itself was broken. Civilization perished, and the Titans vanished from the world entirely. There were survivors. This is their story.

Of the Titans

Seven thousand years ago was the noontide of the mortals of Elemental. It was the age of the Magicians.

The world was filled with magic and wonder. Its power shines as a beacon across the universe and gains the attention of immortal beings that would become known as the Titans.

The immortals found a world lush with life and rich in magic. They soon set out to dominate this world and in doing so soon found themselves in conflict with the mortal Magicians and with each other.

The immortals were dominated by two leaders of terrible might - Curgen and Kir-Tion. Their great struggle had terrible consequences...


Of the Cataclysm

In a final battle between the titans Curgen and Kir-Tion, a league of mortal men led by Amarian III and supported by Tandis and his apprentice Talax are able to tip the balance preventing Curgen from opening a portal to the Titan home world. They succeed in destroying the Titans but at a great cost; the Cataclysm.

The world was broken.


Civilization is gone. Life hangs by a thread.

The only hope for Elemental is you.